Organising the Mozilla visit

March 3, 2018

This blog post is about my experience with organising and attending a Mozilla session at my college.

During PyCon India, I had the privilege to meet Sanyam (@CuriousLeaner), whom I already knew as a mentor to many in the #dgplug community, when he visited the coala community space. We had a short discussion about How to nurture Open Source Communities in college? It was then, when @crancg got him to join the slack for AMU-OSS. And then, one wild day we invited Sanyam to come speak at our college and share his insights on OSS and the following event was born.

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What happened there?

Free and Open Source Software

The first part of the session consisted of an introduction to the concept of Free and Open Source Software, and was chaired by Sanyam - the students were made aware of the importance of FOSS in the world. He and the other mentors also took questions and cleared the doubts of students regarding the world of open source.

How to build an Add-on for Mozilla?

The second part of the session was a hands-on technical event, and the students were taught how to implement an add-on (extension) for Mozilla Firefox. The importance of extensions for adding functionality to any browser was stressed, and the students were encouraged to build their own add-ons and to get them published.

What next?

The final part of the event involved the mentors explaining how students could contribute to open source, and how the community was always looking to better itself through the contributions of new and young talent. The talk was inspirational and the students in attendance seemed motivated and encouraged to become a part of the development community.

Vote of Thanks

First of all, I would like to thank Sanyam, Shashank and Shivam for coming to the event and inspiring students. A huge shoutout to @crancg for having established AMU-OSS. I would also like to express my gratitude towards Mr. Zafaryab Sir, who is always enthusiastic about such initiatives without whom the event would never have been possible. Also, a special thanks to Areeb Bhai and Omar Bhai for providing me guidance throughout.

Team Members:

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Thank You so much!

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Organising the Mozilla visit - March 3, 2018 - Rahul Jha