GSoC 2018

May 10, 2018

“Good luck is a residue of preparation.” ― Jack Youngblood

Getting selected as a Google Summer of Code student with coala was a breakthrough for me. The coala community touched me on every aspect of open source software development, especially how to get along with peers (and troll them :-p). And it has happened again - I am a student with coala one more time, and I look forward to learn yet more from my dear mentors and the beloved coala community.

Let me give a brief overview of the project I would be working on: The aim is to automatically create whitelists (to be utilized by vulture) for projects using sip files to communicate between C++ level API and Python programs, most significant of them being PyQt projects.


You may find more information about the project here

Thank You

I’m forever indebted to my mentors for they taught me whatever I know today. I want to take a moment here and thank some special people:

A huge shout out to my mentors:

Also, I owe a thank you to my brilliant peers who have had always inspired me:

Thanks for reading! :-)

GSoC 2018 - May 10, 2018 - Rahul Jha