Meeting Jendrik

June 10, 2017

A meeting with my mentor, tweaking the VultureBear and my new laptop. Ahh, perfect!

Coding period kicks off

A quite has happened since I last wrote, most important of which was a meeting with my mentor @jendrikseipp, which by the way went awesome. Thank You! @jendrik

A meeting with my mentor @jendrikseipp

A little overview - In the starting of the session, we had already discussed that we would be meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 3ish PM UTC +2:30 on hangouts, but due to some circumstances we couldn’t meet prior June 7.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017- I was feeling a little nauseatic, so I decided to take a short nap (which later turned out to be of 4 hours ). When I woke up, it had already been past 7 (in my timezone UTC +5:30) - Oh! I missed the meeting again, I thought, it had been quite a bad day, so this was kind of expected :cry:. But I thought it would be better if I could atleast update the doc which we maintain for our meets. I quickly penned down some points I thought would be better if Jendrik took a look and also drafted an email stating the same.

Just a couple of seconds later, he messaged me, saying if he could call me in 10 mins. I was excited and nervous both at the same time, and replied with a text stating it would be great indeed (Finally). I went upstairs to the rooftop - the only place you might get silence in an Indian joint family :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Waiting meanwhile, I browsed through Jendirk’s G+ profile, saw that he is currently studying at University of Basel, Switzerland, probably doing PhD - I read some of the blog posts about the student life over there and immediately fell in love with it.

When I picked up the phone call, to my surprise, it was a video call - I wasn’t presentable at all (I thought that this would be a voice call). While looking at my screen, I can see there is a handsome guy, dressed up nicely ,in his cabin, and me on the other hand, was somewhere in the dark, and was shabbily dressed perhaps food deprived for a few days (atleast, I imagine myself that way) - I am very sorry @Jendrik, I would be presentable the next time you call me ;P . Quickly, I ran into my room and caught my breath. We exchanged greetings and then Jendrik asked me about how was everything going? To my surprise (I am quite talkative), I couldn’t speak anything - I knew exactly what to, but just couldn’t - I was quite nervous, but since Jendrik sounded nice and rehearsed, the conversational flow went very well :-). We talked about a wide variety of topics ranging from VultureBear to college life, coala and what not.

To conclude, Jendrik is quite an astonishing guy and that it was a thrilling experience to talk to him. I had a conversation that is amongst the most cherished ones of my life. I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Tweaking the VultureBear to follow the vulture API


The Problem

How VultureBear currently worked:

This implementation had several issues:

The current implementation

Taking a closer look at vulture, I found that there is a utility provided by vulture which would do just the same thing in a much more cleaner way: vulture.Vulture.scavenge(filenames) and this would store all the relevant info (lineno, filename, etc.) in the vulture.Item object.

Implementation of a wrapper around this can be like this:

def _retrieve_unused(filenames):
    :param filenames: List containing paths to all the files
                      which are to be checked by vulture.
    :return: List of Result objects containing information about
             dead code (filename, lineno, message).

    def file_lineno(item):
        return (item.filename.lower(), item.lineno)
    unused = []

    vulture = Vulture()
    for item in sorted(
            vulture.unused_funcs + vulture.unused_imports +
            vulture.unused_props + vulture.unused_vars +
            vulture.unused_attrs, key=file_lineno):
        message = 'Unused {0}: {1}'.format(item.typ, item)

    return unused

A note:

When I first tried this implementation, all the things seemed to be in place, except for this AttributeError: 'Vulture' object has no attribute 'unused_imports'.

After half an hour of debugging and scratching my hair, suddenly the PipRequirement version of vulture caught my eye: 0.10.0 whereas current version of coala is 0.14.0 and then it occured to me - Oh! God! may be this wasn’t introduced in this version of vulture, quickly upgraded to latest version and everything worked like a charm.

My Laptop

I finally managed to buy a new Macbook Air. Yay! Previously, I was using a Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook - Intel Atom, 2 GB RAM, 10.5 inches screen and a tampered keyboard, and absolutely no battery life. I am crazy happy. :-)

Meeting Jendrik - June 10, 2017 - Rahul Jha