coala - COde AnaLysis Application

June 1, 2017

How working with coala changed my life? :-)

The coala community

With community bonding period ending today, I believe I have been involved with coala for a while now and I am so proud to acknowledge how beginner friendly, intelligent and collaborative the coala community is- well, we can almost judge it from the fact that coala where number of developers exceed the number of users. :-) It is pertinent to a definition of open source software - where the users are treated as co-developers.

My experience with coala

Browsing through the organisations selected for the Google Summer of Code 2017, a cute coala koala caught my eye - this was when I started exploring it.

So, my timeline:

All the while, whenever I encountered any problem, people readily helped with overwhelming politeness. It feels so open-sourcey :-)

coala - COde AnaLysis Application - June 1, 2017 - Rahul Jha